Discovery tours has been a go to for thousands of travel enthusiasts since 2006. We are the only company in Gujarat, with visa acceptance rate of over 97.8 %. We have specialized in the art of itinerary making and have a 100 percent satisfaction from all our clients. We are an IATA approved company. 

We have perfectionalized and minutely structured a way to explore countries in a limited time. Our itinerary varies from person to person. We have a proficiency in touring of the Majestic European, Scandanavian countries, Ice Land, Alasca, Canada, Australia & NewZealand . 

Director, Mr. Ujjval Patel, has personally visited various countries like Iceland, Switzerland, Norway, New Zealand etc.  multiple times, and has knowledge of how to suture your way of life and combine that with the uniqueness of the country you wish to explore. 

Here, at Discovery, we have a no hassle policy. Our motto from the start, has been, “Travel without conditions”. We would work to your interests and till your satisfaction. 

Feel what it’s like to REALLY travel with Discovery. Once you’re with us, you’ll know where to come next.